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In Pursuit Of (Or Recovering From) An Encounter With The Leannan Sidhe

Be afraid. Be very afraid. Or not so afraid, just don't claim you weren't warned

Aesthete & Ne'er-do-well
16 April
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First off, I'd like to point out that this isn't a mini-biography, it's a mini-auto-biography. Accordingly, also consider this a request for submissions- if you know me, feel free to contribute a few lines about me, and I'll post them- or at least consider doing so.

Few people successfully get close to me. Those who do are almost always adopted as family by choice. Most will not exert the effort. That is their loss, as far as I'm concerned.

I tend to be opinionated, and guess what? My journal, my opinions. You don't have to agree, but disagree cordially. Your comments- when you agree, and moreso when you don't are welcome. It is through dissent and discussion that we grow and learn.

There are things which, it is said, should never be discussed in polite company, among which are religion and politics. Both are featured in these entries. So much for polity, eh? I'm fervently anti-fundamentalist anything, and will defend to the last breath your right to believe in whatever works for you as long as it isn't virulently evangelical in nature. Even Christian scripture says that we should each work out our own salvation, so when you know what it takes to save you from whatever, go with it. I'll go my way, thank you very much. As for politics, even though living and voting in the United States, I'm not particularly happy with either of the major political parties in the States. In national elections, I usually vote Democratic, because they're the folks with a chance of winning at present who have policies most closely aligned with mine. In local elections, I'll vote for Green or Independent candidates if they seem to present a viable option, and in a reasonably liberal hotbed like Seattle, perhaps we'll elect one sometime this decade. In general politically, I identify fairly strongly with a Canadian party- the New Democratic Party, and with the principles of Social Democratic movements in general; as well as with sensible nationalist movements in Scotland and Ireland.